Color Testing with Green Gold Pearlizer

Plasti Dip Enhancer Products are a great way to take a standard Dip color, and give it your own unique twist!

Different Dip colors will show the enhancer products differently, so testing the look using a variety of colored Plasti Dip bases can be a lot of fun!

In this video, the Green Gold Pearlizer is the Enhancer being showcased. This specific Enhancer is shown over 3 different Plasti Dip base colors (Black, Flex Blue, and Hemi Orange) to see how the product affects the different colors, and to get a feel for the looks that can be produced.

We used 6 coats of the Plasti Dip base color, and 3 coats of the Green Gold Pearlizer in each example below:


The Green Gold Pearlizer gave the Hemi Orange a beautiful Gold overtone, and lightened the shade of the Orange a bit at the same time. The result, although not as drastic here as it is over the Blue and Black, ended up producing a gorgeous, but subtle Orange to Gold shift and turned the matte finish to more of a light satin type of look.

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After only 1-2 coats of the Green Gold Pearlizer over a Black Plasti Dip base, the Black completely gone, and what is left is a brilliant Green to Gold shift. As you walk around the surface, some of the angles will show more Green, while others will project more Gold hues. You also are able to see a nice darkness on the edges, based on having it over the Black base. Amazing transformation!

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Similar to the Green Gold Pearlizer sprayed over the Black Plasti Dip base, when applied over the Flex Blue, you see a very drastic change pretty much immediately. The Flex Blue base brings out a lot of Green effect in the Green Gold Pearlizer, however it delicately adds the Gold hues as well to make it an absolutely stunning color!

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