Product Description:


Dip Armor™ Advanced TopCoat takes Dipping your Bike to a completely new level.  Dip Armor™ transforms your dip into an ultra durable coating that offers a long list of benefits that were never before possible; while still being peelable.


***Warning - Dip Armor is an advanced level product suitable only for advanced users.  The process will be far more involved and complex than a standard dip installation.


Dip Armor™ Advanced TopCoat benefits:


  • Scratch and mar resistance
  • Gasoline and chemical resistance
  • Stain resistance
  • Hard, slick, paint-like feel
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Satin finish
  • Excellent clarity for Pearls and Metallics


Dip Armor™ is a 4 component system.  


This Kit will include one gallon of Part A, a quart of Part B, a quart of Part C, a quart of Reducer and 2 Dip Armor™ Mixing Cups.  Combined, this Kit makes approximately 1.75 gallons of sprayable Dip Armor™.  This should be enogh Dip Armor to coat your Bike several times, so you will only want to mix up as much as you need per project.


Dip Armor™ should be sprayed through a DipSprayer System, Advanced DipSprayer System or a HVLP spray system.

Dip Armor™ Kit