Product Description:


Glossifier Aerosols are an exciting way to add a gloss effect to smaller Do-It-Yourself projects. Glossifiers are a glossy clear, to take standard Plasti Dip Colors to the next level.


Plasti Dip Glossifier must be applied over a solid base (minimum 6 coats) of Plasti Dip, they are not a stand-alone product.  The more coats of Glossifier you apply, the more of a gloss effect will be produced.  A couple quick coats may product a cloudy finish, so solid wet coats are suggested.  You should be going for full coverage for an even finish.


***Keep in mind, although shown over Black in the product image, Glossifier can be used to create a higher shine on top of any Plasti Dip color you choose.

Glossifier™ Aerosol