Product Description:


Pearlizer Aerosols are an exciting way to add a pearlescent, metallic effect to smaller Do-It-Yourself projects.


Pearlizers are a glossy clear infused with Pearl Additives to take standard Plasti Dip Colors to the next level.


Plasti Dip Pearlizers must be applied over a solid base (minimum 6 coats) of Plasti Dip, they are not a stand-alone product.  This said, the more coats of Pearlizer you apply, the more of a pearlescent effect will be produced.  


A couple quick coats may product a cloudy finish, so solid wet coats are suggested.  We would always recommend testing the product first over your desired base color to see the effect that is achieved.


Remember, although you are viewing this color over Black Plasti Dip in our example photo, using a different colored base will yield different results.  This said, you can expereiment with any color Plasti Dip base to create a custom color/look.

Green Gold Pearlizer™ Aerosol