BikeDip.com offers for sale its Product(s) and/or Services(s) according to its standard Product Availability. Due to high demand, some of BikeDip.com’s offered products may be on a delayed shipping time. Although most orders ship on schedule, we appreciate your patience with any possible delays.



All orders will be shipped via UPS under the ORM-D ground-shipping platform. BikeDip.com does not ship outside of the Continental United States at this time.  We are also unable to ship product to Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico.



BikeDip.com customarily provides sales and technical support assistance before, during and after the purchase process, and endeavors to provide accurate and helpful information to Customer. However, Customer shall be solely responsible for making a final determination as to the suitability and compatibility of BikeDip.com’s product(s) and/or services for Customer's intended use. Plasti Dip® International and BikeDip.com takes zero responsibility or liability for the process, usage or end result of the products purchased on this website or any affiliated websites. All cars, paints, and surfaces are unique. Test the product on your car for a suggested length of 3 weeks, and monitor removal. Take special notice to cars that have been re-painted, as all paint shops use different types and amounts of materials. Take special notice to new cars, as different cars may take longer to cure when painted from the factory. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you release BikeDip.com, from any and all liability regarding the result or results from using the products sold on our website or any affiliated websites. Please test the materials on your surface or Motorcycle before applying. Please wear proper safety material and use in well ventilated areas.



Most of the products sold on BikeDip.com are appropriate for DIY (Do-It-Yourself) use. However the user is accountable for the end result of the project.  The products themselves are proven to work, however if the end user does not follow proper procedures, the products or project can fail.  The user is responsible for educating himself/herself on how to properly prep, mask, spray, apply, break down, clean and care for the products before, during and after installation.  BikeDip.com will always provide support and even replacement product if the products themselves are proven to be defective.  Defective products would include the wrong color being shipped, the wrong product being shipped, the product arriving damaged in transit, or a confirmed manufacturing error.  BikeDip.com will offer support but will not offer replacements or refunds for user-based failures including bubbles, runs, lifting, texture, tears, stripes in finish, cloudiness in finish, etc - as these are not products issues, they are application/user issues.  As the end user you are also responsible for confirming the suitability of your surfaces and whether or not they are good candidates for dipping.  BikeDip.com is not physically capable of inspecting each surface for you - and every wheel and vehicle surface is unique.  Extra attention should be spent on inspecting surfaces on used vehicles; as it is impossible to determine if there were any repairs or refinishing done before you purchased the vehicle.  Please take advantage of BikeDip.com’s Support Staff to make sure you are 100% educated on the process before starting your project.



At this time we can not ship to APO or PO Boxes. If an order is placed to an APO or PO box, you will be contacted by our customer service team to arrange shipping to a new address. A physical address is required for all orders. Please contact our Customer Service Team if you have any questions through our online contact form or via email at CustomerServiceBikeDip@gmail.com.


If you wish to return or exchange an UNUSED product that is 100% in original condition and purchased within thirty days, please email CustomerServiceBikeDip@gmail.com to inquire about our Return and Exchanges guide.  If your order was received with any damages or errors, please contact our Customer Service within 30 days to be eligible for an order correction.

Products on Sale or Clearance are not eligible for return or exchange. Orders placed before a sale will not be eligible for retroactive discount.


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