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Plasti Dip is a DIY friendly product allowing you to change the color of your motorcycle, helmet, or wheels, anytime, while protecting your OEM paint underneath. When applied correctly, this coating can have a lifespan of roughly 3-5 years, however it can also be easily removed by hand at anytime to restore your bike back to its original look.

We recommend reading through all FAQ's before getting started and reaching out to us with any questions you may have. 


1. Analyze your Surface

Is your Motorcycle smooth to the touch & texture free?

First and foremost, you want to take a good look at the surface you will be dipping and make sure it is smooth to the touch with no texture, rust, or surface inconsistencies present.  If you do see sections that need work, we would suggest smoothing these types of areas out beforehand to be able to achieve the best possible results.

If you will be sanding the surface, we would recommend using somewhere between 800-1200 grit paper, to ensure the surface is extremely smooth before the Dip is applied.

If your surface is already smooth and in factory condition, you can skip this step and move directly on to step 2.


2. Clean your Surface

The surface must be perfectly clean and bone dry.

The surface you will be Dipping should be perfectly clean, as well as bone dry before getting started. 

We would suggest 2 very thorough wipe downs with the PreDip Spray (included in all Kits) before getting started.  This should help to remove any left over contaminants from the surface before you start.

*If you are Dipping wheels specifically, you will want to make sure to treat the tires with the Dip Release (included in Wheel Kit) prior to your 2 PreDip Spray wipe downs.


After your 2 wipe downs, wait 10 minutes and you are ready to start Spraying.  

*Any contaminants (dirt, wax, oil,  residue, grease, moisture) left behind during prep can cause bubbling and/or adhesion issues.


3. Prep your Cans

For best results, cans should be warm and mixed thoroughly.

We suggest letting your Aerosols sit in warm (roughly 80-90 degree) water for around 15 minutes, taken out and shaken extremely well for 90 seconds before use.  You will also want to keep any cans in the water while not being used so they can maintain a nice warm temperature.  This will help the Aerosols to atomize the product more effectively and produce smoother results.

*The water should be warm, not hot!


4. Spray your Surface

Now it's time for the fun part!

Once the surface and aerosols are ready to go, it's time to start Dipping!

During this process there are a few things that we feel are important to keep in mind.

- You will want to make sure you hold the cans vertically while spraying and are not aiming the Aerosol upwards, or down towards the ground.  Doing this can cause spitting, sputtering, and inconsistent spray pattern to come from the can and create a textured or uneven finish.

- Your first coat should always be a light tack coat.  From there, all coats should be nice medium to wet coats until you have completed the project. 

- We recommend spraying roughly 4-7 inches from the surface and focusing on doing 50% overlaps with each pass to help avoid tiger striping in your finish.


- Keep in mind, each coat should have enough time to fully dry before moving on to the next.  Depending upon temperature, this typically will take around 15-20 minutes per coat.

- Unmasking areas where tape is being used to create sharp lines (if you are not disassembling the Bike to Dip it) should be done as soon as the last coat is applied while the product is still wet.  This is why we refer to these as the "Peel When Wet" sections.  If you are disassembling the Bike beforehand, you can disregard this tip.

- Wait at least an hour to let it set a bit and enjoy your Dip!

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